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Elder Fellowship

At RCCG Dominion Parish For All Nations, It is our duty to give older people the chance to be close to God through a relationshiop with his son Jesus Christ. We therefore help our older members (male and female) rediscover the significance of salvation.

That Jesus Christ was raised from the dead by the Father’s glorious power, we believe that our older members too should begin living a new
lifeĀ  (Rom 6:4) and find in him the meaning of their present and future life.

In this group, the contributions of older people themselves is indispensable to the body of christ. From their rich endowment of faith and of
experience our aim is that the older members can draw things old and new to the advantage not only of themselves, but also of the whole

Far from being the passive recipients of the Church’s pastoral care, older people are irreplaceable apostles, especially among their own age
group, because no one is more familiar than they with the problems and the feelings of this phase of life. We therefore encourage older
members of the congregation to join this group so that the love can be shared amongst the older individuals, therefore being their brothers keepers.